Feel the magic finish!
Makes your special things even more special.
Exactly the effect you want - mild to wild - metallic, candy, the lot!

what we offer

  • In house abrasive blasting
  • Motobike frame / parts
  • Car parts
  • Fences / gates
  • Balustrades
  • Extrusions
  • Wheels
  • Bars and racks

on-site abrasive blasting and pre-treatment

There's nothing like the finish of powder coating and now with Leisure Coast, it's available to you! Our quotes will surprise you how little a special finish will cost. Just ask us.

Our eight metre oven not only takes the biggest jobs, our latest equipment allows us to be more precise to guarantee a top quality finish and years of durability. Did you know our powder coating is 9 times more durable than two-pack paint jobs? It's also the most environmentally friendly paint process available.

As a Dulux Authorised Powder Coating Centre we offer you the best and with our our own in-house abrasive blasting and pre-treatment, we're an easy one-stop shop and can control quality from start to finish.
We can advise on the best treatment for your item, and show you the full range of colours and effects from standard to metallic, clear coats and textured finishes.
Our customers have been coming back for over 20 years...since 1990.